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About Us

About Our Charity


Together we can make a difference

Fountains of Knowledge is a registered charity which was established in the mid 1990’s to provide beneficial Islamic Knowledge, education and services to the local community. It is based in Nelson, Lancashire.

Our charity is made up of a representative mix of the society in which we live. The trustees and management team, all of whom are volunteers, range from industry professionals to company directors.

Our Activities

Some of our activities over the years have included: Dissemination of Islamic knowledge which clarifies Islam’s opposition to extremism and terrorism, invites society towards peace and tolerance, encourages the youth to live as upright citizens in British society.

In addition, we have been involved in: youth development activities, residentials, creating links with the local police, council, health care and schools, providing teacher training, raising funds for humanitarian aid, providing advice and help to the youth and elderly.

Our Schools

One of our main activities has been the establishment of educational institutions. We have a nursery, a primary school and a girls' high school with over 200 pupils. The education covers subjects such as the Quran, Arabic language, Islamic Studies, Islamic history, in addition to secular subjects such as Math’s, English, ICT, Science and Physical Education. The school has attracted pupils from a mixture of cultures and backgrounds and there is a significant emphasis and encouragement upon the obligation to live together in our shared society in a harmonious and upright manner.

Our New Building

In order to extend our services, we have bought a new building which will provide huge benefits to the whole community.